Counselling with Caro

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Deciding to see a counsellor can be a difficult step to take. We don’t always find it easy to acknowledge when we are feeling overwhelmed with loss and grief, struggling with anxiety and stress, finding it hard to cope or facing difficulties in a relationship.

Our day to day lives involve so many demands that it can be an effort to take a break and give some proper attention to our own wellbeing. Talking through your concerns with someone who is not part of your life gives you the freedom to focus on yourself.

I will listen with compassion and understanding and I’ll get to know your experience of being you. I won’t tell you what to do or what choices to make because you know yourself better than anyone. I will support your exploration of what you’re dealing with and together we can consider what changes you might want to make.

I work confidentially and without judgement so that you are able to share your worries and fears, no matter how confusing or dark they may be. I’ll respond to whatever you bring, drawing on different approaches to find an effective way of working that suits you.