“I just wanted to say how lucky I feel to have come across such an amazing therapist from the first go. Your exercises in perceiving things from different perspectives have been so tremendously helpful and in general, you’ve helped me be more social so I thank you very much!” DO, Hove

It was such a relief to be able to discuss issues that had previously seemed slightly overwhelming to me. I went away each week feeling as if I had made progress and that the progress would be ongoing which was very encouraging.
I felt very safe in the space created and at no point did I feel that there were judgements being made about me which is very important to me as I don’t trust easily.
” PT, Hove

“I felt that I was able to unburden some worries that have troubled me for some time, and felt able to draw a line under them. I feel a sense of relief over no longer having to worry about these things. That has a made a big difference to my day to day well-being and happiness.” LH, Hove

I found the whole experience very positive even when I was upset. You helped me put many things into perspective and I really felt that you were listening to everything I said. I was amazed at how you remembered so many little things I’d said. I do feel that you’ve helped me on a positive path to recovering.” JR, Worthing

“Caroline was an immense support to me in getting through a very tough period of time. Her friendly and insightful approach allowed our sessions to be really productive and were a massive help on my journey towards better mental health. I would personally recommend Caroline to friends and family.” RF, Hove

“Considering the sessions were done over zoom during an unusual time, I always felt that a safe space was created and I was always listened to. I found it so helpful talking through some of my worries and problems and gaining a better understanding of how to respond to situations…. I can’t believe the overall difference in how I feel and respond to everything, a lot less overthinking and worrying!” TC, online

“Having the space to articulate and explore some of the issues that I hadn’t wanted to talk to other people about and feeling able to do so without judgement and in an empathic way. It was particularly important to me to be able to express some of what I believed were the underlying issues affecting me and the choices I was and was not making so that after each session I felt like an unhelpful layer had been peeled away. Caroline’s approach gave the necessary space for this to happen.” JB, online

There was a clear opportunity for the conversations to widely explore issues above and beyond my initial expectations. There was also clear professional guidance that was complementary and appropriate. My initial fears were addressed in a timely manner that enabled the safe space to be defined.DP, online