“What I found most helpful was when we discussed about changing the environment when the people are hard to deal with. That was one of my biggest breakthroughs at work and it had drastically changed my stress levels and my overall mood in the office.
I just wanted to say how lucky I feel to have come across such an amazing therapist from the first go. Your exercises in perceiving things from different perspectives have been so tremendously helpful and in general, you’ve helped me be more social so I thank you very much!” DO, Hove

It was such a relief to be able to discuss issues that had previously seemed slightly overwhelming to me. I went away each week feeling as if I had made progress and that the progress would be ongoing which was very encouraging.
I felt very safe in the space created and at no point did I feel that there were judgements being made about me which is very important to me as I don’t trust easily.
” PT, Hove

“I felt that I was able to unburden some worries that have troubled me for some time, and felt able to draw a line under them. I feel a sense of relief over no longer having to worry about these things. That has a made a big difference to my day to day well-being and happiness.
I wasn’t sure what I was looking to achieve from counselling when I initially came in, if I’m honest I was slightly reluctant having gained little from counselling in the past. I felt an instant sense of purpose from our first meeting and your approach kept me committed to the process despite not having a clear goal in my head. I want to thank you for steering me in the direction I needed and encouraging me to look at things in a different way.” LH, Hove